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We welcome participation from all who are passionate and talented.

E-mail or Mail-in applications

If you are interested in n.CH ENTERTAINMENT, please send an application through email or the mail to us. 

Those who pass the initial screening will individually be notified for the second audition, which takes place in private.

1. Requirements for applicants

  Anyone can apply at any time regardless of their nationality, age of gender. 

2. The audition process

  1) Apply for the audition via e-mail or mail

  2) Private audition

  3) Notification of the result

3. Application field & required attachments

  Singing- 3 photos and video (singing, rapping, or dancing)

  Acting- 3 photos and video (free acting, no limit of genre)

  Modeling- 3 photos and video (walking, posing, and facial expression)

  Show (A comedian or MC)- 3 photos and video (free video, no limit of genre)

  Songwriter- one or three sound source files (mp3)

  *Attached 3 photos should include close-up of face, 

    upper body, and full body, too much edited will be excluded from the screening.


  E-mail - Please fill the form provided at the bottom of this page for download, 

            and send an email to with attachments of your field.

  Post - Please fill the form provided at the bottom of this page for download, and submit the post 

          with CD or USB including attachments of your field.

  - Address : the person in charge of 11-3, Nonhyeon-ro 105-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06126, Rep. of KOREA

  * Name(application field) should be included in your E-mail title, 

    Name(application field) should be written on your post when sending a post. Ex) June(singing) of Mary(acting)


  ★ Submitted documents will not be returned.

  ★ After receiving the application, we do not provide individual confirmation of submission.

  ★ There will be no individual notification for those who are disqualified.

  ★ Please write the valid phone number and home telephone number.

  ★ Too much edited photos will not be accepted and will be excluded from initial screening.



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